We are just a few guys from Dallas trying to partake in the beer revolution that is sweeping the state of Texas. 

Brad Perkinson

CEO / Founder / Brewer

I am a native Texan, born and raised in North Dallas. I went to Hebron High School and then UTDallas and have degrees in Business and Finance, but found that brewing beer is much more satisfying to me than a desk job. My personal beer journey started with my trip to Oktoberfest Munich 2009. Ever since then, I have been longing for better tasting beer than the regular "BMC" options. After getting laid off, I just decided to go for it and start up FireWheel Brewing Co.

Nate Breitzman

Assistant Brewer

Nate Brew.JPG

I was born in Midland and then graced Garland with my presence for the better part of my life. Since 1980, I feel my life has been a journey preparing me to be a professional brewer. I’ve worked at car washes, shot guided weapons in the Navy, worked on high voltage electronics, fixed planes, and now am working on my degree in Geology.  Truly the most exciting thing was 10 years ago when my friends left a homebrew kit at my house.  I busted the carboy so I had to take a trip to the homebrew store where I fell in love with homebrewing, and I haven’t stopped since. Then after a year of volunteering at FireWheel, Brad finally offered me a position!

I’m looking forward to the adventure of working at a brewery, and especially this one. Here at FireWheel we get to design, build, and use unique equipment and processes that make each day new, fresh, and exciting. Cheers!

Michael Vieth - IT Advisor

I was born in Kauffman and lived in the North Dallas area my entire life. I went to school at UTA and now work in the IT industry. My birth last name was Hoppy which I found out around the age of twelve was a dirivatve of hops, an ingrediant in beer which I thought was gross at the time. A decade later a fact I became very excited about. (I am adopted which is why I don't go by that name.) We went to Oktoberfest 2009 and it was one of the best weeks of my life. When I came back I immidiately became disappointed in what is considered American beer. I have since been homebrewing and have brewed some of my favorite beers. 



Not much could be done here at the brewery without my team of great volunteers! Here are just of few of the pics I have of them helping out. If you wanna join the team, send me a message on the contact us page.