FireWheel Brewing Co. (FWBC) is run by locals, born and raised in the North Dallas area. We brewed our inaugural homebrew in January of 2010. Originally starting as away to have great tasting beer to share with family and friends, the demand quickly outstripped the supply. We expanded our equipment to over double, then triple, and continued to keep all the fermenters full and active. now, we are going commercial! FireWheel Beer is in bars, restaurants, and stores across North Dallas! Ask the bartender at your favorite beer-sippin' spot to call us and get in on the action!


If you want to know more feel free to email us or as a twitter follower.

Mission Statement

Life's too short for bad beer, so the goal of Firewheel Brewing Co. is:

To brew great tasting, high quality craft and specialty beers, never compromising on flavor or style, using traditional and innovative brewing methods.

Too many Americans, especially in Texas, drink watery, mass produced, flavorless beer. The aim of FWBC is to break that trend by providing the area with locally produced high quality, great tasting beer that people can be proud to support and drink.