A letter from the Owner of FireWheel to Craft Beer Drinkers in DFW:

Here at FireWheel Brewing Co. LLC, we’ve been making small batch craft beers for almost 3 years now. I started on a small, hand-built system that was sufficient at making beer, but it produced neither the best quality nor the most consistent product. We tried hard, did what we could and made it work but it was not enough. We were not 100% happy with our products, so in December of last year, I opened FireWheel’s new location. Still in Rowlett, it boasts 3 times the square-footage (all of which is HVAC controlled), 6 times the number of draft options in the TapRoom (currently 24), a much-improved beer garden (still dog-friendly), and 6 times the beer production capacity. Not only that, but the new equipment we have is top-of-the-line, allowing us to make not only more beer, but better beer in quality and consistency. That being said, part of making better and more consistent beer is using the equipment and ingredients to their full potential. Our recipes have gone through a review and revision process to look for ways to improve the flavor, better utilize ingredients, practice better brewing processes, and achieve our end goal of getting the best product we can out to you, the DFW craft beer drinker. Going from a hand-built 2-⅓ BBL “brewhouse” to a state-of-the-art 15 BBL BREWHOUSE has allowed us to do so much more than we could before. We are still making Small Batch Craft Beers, so do not expect the quality to drop with an increase in production, but do expect change – change for the better.

For those who tried our beer a long time ago, we encourage you to try again. We have grown from a glorified hobby with an owner and a handful of volunteers to a legitimate brewing company with 5 full-time employees, 1 part-time employee, and a small army of volunteers.

For those who are currently drinking FireWheel, we say unto thee: “THANKS! WE REALLY APPRECIATE IT”!!  We have improved every recipe we have, so if you notice a small change in some beers, just know that we are tweaking our secrete formulas to make the best craft beer we can.

What should you expect? Special #1 Brown was the first to change, and it was subtle. Only a handful of people noticed, and most of them thanked us because it was a better beer, all-around. The rest of our beers, StrIPA, TPA, Rowlett Red, and the Midnight Ninja, have gone through the same process and are starting to hit bar draft lines right now. Some beers will get more/less hops, some will get different yeast, some will only change in water composition, but all will get small changes. The newest beers (i.e. FireWheel Blonde, Slow Pitch Wheat) are not going to change, because they were designed for the new brewhouse. Also, look out for some new beers on the horizon! Summer Seasonal: A-Sake-Son, a mosaic-finished Sake Saison Ale is going to be something that you just have to have. We are finally releasing a Traditional IPA called Bulls IPA! The hops are right on the mark with this one. To give our lineup a heavyweight, we have lined up a big, nasty, yet delicious IIRA (Imperial India Red Ale), Redneck Redemption (9.3% ABV). That’s just a taste, so keep an eye out for more!

Thanks to everyone who has bought my beer. I literally would not be here today if it weren’t for all of you Local Craft Beer Supporters. I, with the help of my team, continue to try and better our beers in any way we can. If you have any questions, concerns, or just want to say hello, please feel free to email me (Beer@FireWheelBrewing.com). I would love to hear from you guys – good, bad, indifferent, or otherwise.

Thanks again, and cheers to you – the Local Craft Beer in DFW.

Brad Perkinson

Owner / Founder / Brewer FireWheel Brewing Co.


FireWheel Brewing Co. (FWBC) is run by locals, born and raised in the North Dallas area. We brewed our inaugural homebrew in January of 2010. Originally starting as away to have great tasting beer to share with family and friends, the demand quickly outstripped the supply. We expanded our equipment to over double, then triple, and continued to keep all the fermenters full and active. now, we are going commercial! FireWheel Beer is in bars, restaurants, and stores across North Dallas! Ask the bartender at your favorite beer-sippin' spot to call us and get in on the action!


If you want to know more feel free to email us or as a twitter follower.

Mission Statement

Life's too short for bad beer, so the goal of Firewheel Brewing Co. is:

To brew great tasting, high quality craft and specialty beers, never compromising on flavor or style, using traditional and innovative brewing methods.

Too many Americans, especially in Texas, drink watery, mass produced, flavorless beer. The aim of FWBC is to break that trend by providing the area with locally produced high quality, great tasting beer that people can be proud to support and drink.