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Texas Pale Ale

6% ABV / 50 IBU

This is a Texas-sized beer. It has a slightly elevated gravity and a clean, lively bitterness that some may associate with that of a mild IPA. Being unfiltered, it will pour slightly hazy, rich amber in color, and should be accompanied with a noticeable, well lacing head.

Midnight Ninja

8% ABV / 25 IBU

This Imperial American Black Ale was actually a homebrew mistake... It wasn't supposed to taste ANYTHING like what it does. But, after tasting the finished product, best mistake ever! It will pour looking like a Porter, but you fill find it much smoother and easier to drink. With a thick, creamy, tan head and subtle roasted flavors, it goes down smooth and has a very clean finish that will leaving you wanting another sip!


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Special #1 - A Better Brown Ale

6% ABV / 30 IBU

I, as a general rule, don't usually like the "brown ale" category. That being said, I didn't know why there couldn't be a brown ale out there that I could enjoy. Well, one morning last November I woke up with a recipe in my head and went up the the brewery and ran a test batch that very same day. It turned out roasty, caramely, full of body, lightly hopped with beautiful thick tan head - a Better Brown Ale!

Photon Blonde - Blonde Ale

***** Not Currently in Production ***** 

5.2% ABV / 30 IBU

Not to get too geeky on you, but the name begs for an explanation. Basically, light is widely misunderstood, and can be vied as waves or as particles (depending on how you view it) but, no matter how you look at it, the packets of light are called photons. This beer defers from our usual offerings and is light, fluffy, and on the lower end on alcohol. This will not be a typical blonde, though, as it has a estery-fruity complexity that comes from our unique blend of yeasts. Photon Blonde is a beer anyone can drink!


***** Not Currently in Production ***** 

Cool Beans - Espresso Porter

6% ABV / 30 IBU

Inspired by other great Coffee Porters, we decided to try our hand at it, but make it bigger and better. To make it the best coffee beer around, 

  • Coffee is cold-brewed espresso, not hot-brewed, so it doesn't turn bitter when chilled.
  • Coffee is a bold-tasting, medium-roast blend of beans from Africa, Indonesia, and Central America.
  • Beans are Class 1 Specialty Grade, which represents the top 5% of harvested coffee in the world.
  • Beans are acquired through a Growers First partnership. ( - even better than Fair Trade.)

 oh yeah, and it just happens to be 6% alcohol! If you don't like coffee, STAY AWAY!




***** Not Currently in Production ***** 

Pumpkin Ale

5.8% ABV / 35 IBU

All the wonderful flavors of fall in a smooth, dark, and delicious brown ale. We spare no expense in making this one of the best pumpkin beers you'll ever have, so it is made with REAL PUMPKIN and a bunch of cinnamon, brown sugar, and nutmeg, it is sure to be one of your favorites!




StrIPA - Strawberry IPA

--- pronounced "Strip-ah", like the girls :) ---

***** Not Currently in Production ***** 


6.6% ABV / 80 IBU

Hops --- good. Strawberry --- good. Why not mix them into a beer?! When you add the bitterness of the hops and the sweetness of the strawberry, you get one the of most refreshing beers out there that still has flavor! This is a beer that anyone can drink, despite being a powerful IPA.


Albino Pumpkin

***** Not Currently in Production ***** 

5.8% ABV / 30 IBU

Who wants to wait until the fall before you can get a pumpkin beer?! That why this is our Spring/Summer special release! It's is a marriage between the wonderful flavors of our Fall Pumpkin Ale with the easy-drinking smoothness of a blonde ale. It is made with REAL PUMPKIN and a hint cinnamon, brown sugar, and nutmeg, it is sure to be one of your favorites!



COMING SOON (only available at the Brewery Tours)


Imperial India Red Ale

Honey Ale

Flavored IPA's

Peanut Butter Beer???!!!???